The GREAT WORK Decoded

The GREAT WORK is my name for an amazing experiment that centers on Humanity and our evolution.

The GREAT WORK sounds like a work of Science Fiction or a strange dream, but I believe it is very real, having spent many years researching and thinking. Fact can be just as strange as fiction; sometimes the truth is the basis for fiction. Hence you should open your mind and be prepared to learn about a remarkable sequence of events; and to glimpse into Humanity’s future.

The Great Work is an ultimately futile attempt to achieve the impossible – to escape from the fundamental laws of Nature (especially the Law of Cause and Effect) that underpin the whole of Creation. So why have I called it “Great” if the ‘Great Work’ is doomed to fail? Firstly, it is ‘Great’ because it is astonishing in its’ scope and audacity. Secondly, I have employed an old expression taken from the ancient Science known as ALCHEMY, also described as ‘The Great Work’ (in Latin – MAGNUM OPUS).

Ancient scientists were much more secretive than their modern counterparts. I conclude that throughout history there have been elite groups of scientists who possessed secret knowledge about Mankind’s place in the grand scheme of things; and knowledge of the Great Work. This secret knowledge can’t remain totally secret forever, thus some of it has filtered its’ way into mainstream culture (such as mainstream religion, Science Fiction and the ‘New Age’ movement), albeit in a distorted way, e.g. symbolism and coded/cryptic references. Therefore, the Great Work can still be decoded and uncovered, without requiring high-ranking membership of any secretive organizations such as the FREEMASONS or Military Intelligence, none of which I belong to. I am just an ordinary person who has spent much time analyzing how this world works.

To grasp the true nature of the Great Work, it is essential that you accept what modern science has only relatively recently started to confirm, and what ancient scientists (and philosophers, mystics, occultists, and ‘non-scientific’ doctrines/traditions) have been saying for thousands of years, namely that:-

1) ‘No man is an island’. Everyone and everything that exists are connected to each other through bonds that are both visible and invisible; detectable and yet-to-be detected. The notion of ‘separation’ is an illusion. In particular, Mind and physical matter (the observer and the observed) are fundamentally connected – 2 sides of the same coin.

2) There are realms of existence that are hidden to normal human perception.

I conclude that somewhere in those ‘hidden realms’ lies the origin of the Great Work: a conscious mind who wanted to become a ‘separate island’ and who wanted to break free from ‘reality’ by creating an alternate ‘reality’ that it controls. This rebellious mind wanted to become a ‘God’, so to speak.

Who is this rebellious mind? Bizarrely and paradoxically, it’s you and me and all life forms on Earth (past and present), and any life elsewhere in this universe. Huh? It sounds strange, but we collectively created this experimental alternative reality. We are actually just one mind, but have created the impression of being in more than one place at once: the ultimate ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’.

Our memories of this decision to engage in the Great Work have been mostly wiped clean, hence the amnesia,  presumably so that we don’t mess up the plan by trying to stop it. Similarly, our connection to the rest of Creation has been mostly severed. We are cosmic castaways stranded on a cosmic desert island, awaiting a return to ‘reality’.

The motives behind the Great Work are difficult to fathom, but could be one of the following: 1) A science experiment to explore the fundamental laws of nature and one’s true identity; 2) a criminal who doesn’t want to get caught; 3) a desire to forget some traumatic event.

For more detail, read my longer summary of the Great Work, which can be clicked here: SUMMARY

You can also see more detail in specific articles that are organised in the sections below.

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