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halifax advert 2017 300x168 - 666

‘666’ hand gesture used in “Halifax” Building Society online advert in 2017

This hand gesture is so-called because the thumb, forefinger and middle finger form a ‘6’, while the 3 upright fingers denote 3 sixes. This gesture is more commonly used to denote excellence or satisfaction or the number zero.

In the L & H film “Our Relations” (which I also discuss in my article “One Eye”) 4 characters each make the 666 gesture as part of an ongoing physical gag: Stan, Ollie, Finn and a judge. The judge clearly belongs to some sort of influential fraternal society, which he demonstrates to Stan by making several hand gestures, including holding both hands in the 666 position. This film’s main theme is the confusion caused by Stan and Ollie’s twin brothers. Twins and confused identity are occult themes.

PAPER TURN advert (2018)

paperturn 300x250 - 666


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