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In David Icke’s book “The Perception Deception” he writes that the number eight is a harmonic, natural number, i.e. not to do with the artificial ‘Matrix’. (See Page 372-374). But I get confused as to exactly when (and how), in David’s view, the Matrix is supposed to have begun influencing our world.

For example, David says that the number 8 is in the dimensions of the moon, but he also says that the moon is a vehicle for the Matrix.

I think that the Matrix was here right from the beginning of the universe (it is our universe), thus many numbers (occult or scientific) could theoretically be linked to the Matrix.

8 is a Fibonacci number. In physics, 8 is a ‘magic number’ (number of nucleons). Spiders have 8 legs. 8 is associated with harmonic musical ratios.

David says that the Earth’s natural resonance is 8Hz, but actually that is a rounded-up number of 7.83Hz (the Schumann Resonance).

In Egyptian mythology there is the Ogdoad (8 primal deities)

In Buddhism there is the 8-fold path that leads to the end of suffering and the start of Nirvana, which I think refers to the Rebel’s Great Work.

The Buddhist Wheel of Dharma has 8 spokes.

Some churches and cathedrals have 8-fold symmetry, e.g. 8 sided octagon towers.

In Chess, the board is 8 squares by 8

In Freemasonry, there is the double square, which yields an 8-pointed star.

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