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This is an ongoing article.

THE GREAT ENNEAD – group of 9 deities in Ancient Egyptian mythology, headed by ATUM.

In Classical ATHENS, there were 9 rulers (ARCHONS).

THE X-FILES – In the pilot episode, 9 minutes are seemingly ‘lost’ at a location marked by a red cross, or “X”. The X could be a reference to the “X-Files”; or maybe an occult reference to the Rosicrucians (Red Rose on a cross); The Knights Templar (red cross for a logo); the flaming sword of truth; the fiery cross, etc.

See my article “Star Trek, NASA and the Nine”.

STAR WARS – the TIE FIGHTER has a circular window divided into 9 segments ( 8 around a central segment).

ODIN (the Norse God) hangs from a tree for 9 days.

FREEMASONRY – A 9-pointed star (3 triangles) is in an emblem for the Freemasonic ORDER OF THE SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTORS GENERAL.

More to come…

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