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Channel 4 gets political?

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Should a supposedly impartial PUBLIC SERVICE broadcaster publicly endorse a political or social cause/issue? This happened in February 2018 when CHANNEL 4 – a British TV channel – broadcast an advert supporting #Vote100, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of British women getting the right to vote in General elections. While I’m in favour of sexual equality, I do wonder if Channel 4 has crossed a line here. Like the BBC, Channel 4 is a PUBLIC SERVICE broadcaster that is part of the Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport. As such it has to remain impartial on political issues/causes.

The BBC and Channel 4 and the other public service broadcasters have appeared to me to be in favour of the centre ground of politics, most noticeably Channel 4’s flagship satirical show “The Last Leg”, which has been overtly critical of Donald Trump and Brexit. See my article “Centre left bias in the ‘independent’ British media”.