Cold and frozen

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“Big” (the movie starring Tom Hanks) begins with a young boy called Josh who is playing a computer game. His game character is in the ice cavern of an evil wizard. He wants to melt the wizard but the wizard freezes him in a cube of ice. Is this an occult reference to our world that is ‘frozen in time’? Evil characters in mythology/religion are sometimes portrayed as living in a frozen state, e.g. Satan is buried in ice up to his chest. Josh is told by the game that, with luck, he will thaw in several million years: maybe a reference to Satan escaping from the pit (that imprisons him) after a 1000 years.

In the film “Big” the frozen realm in the computer game may refer to the frozen North. ‘The North’ crops up in numerous legends/myths. The Canaanite God EL lives on a remote mountain in the North.

In the Bible, Heaven is Northward (salvation from the North). Lucifer is accused of wanting to ascend to heaven and to “…sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the North…” (“Isaiah 14:12)

The Canaanite storm god BAAL manifests as BAAL-ZEPHON (Lord of the North). ZEPHON/ ZAPHON = NORTH in Hebrew. Baal-Zephon is also the name of the place where the Bibilical Israelites cross the Red sea parted by Moses.

“Zaphon” (Hebrew) is similar to the noun SAPON (Hebrew= North), derived from the verb SAPAN (Hebrew= to hide). The word SAPAN sounds like “SATAN”. Lucifer performs a hiding function, because he is told “you were the anointed cherub who covers…You were the seal of perfection”. The ‘North’ covers as well, as God “stretcheth the North over the empty place.”

The Mercy seat covers the Ark of the Covenant, which contains the 10 Commandments. The Mercy seat equates with Jesus because they both cover for sins. Hence Jesus = Lucifer. Both are light-bringers.

Jerusalem is Mount Zion, in the far north, the city of the Great King.

The word NORTH derives from the Proto-Indo-European word NER = left, below. The left-hand path? Geographical North is to the left when facing the rising sun. The rising sun is Atum’s mound rising from the primordial waters. NARAKAH (sanskrit= hell). Hell is below and hidden.

Etymology: TUATH (old irish= left, northern); DEATH; THOTH (Egyptian god); DUAT (Egyptian abode of the dead).

The symbolism of Satan up to his waist in ice comes from Dante Alighieri’s 14th century Christian tale “The Divine Comedy”. There are earlier references to ice, snow and hail in religious texts, e.g. a Norse creation myth begins with the 2 opposite lands of fire and ice.

In the Bible (Job 37), the Breath of God creates frost/ice. In some passages hail rains down.
Some Buddhist texts describe Hell as cold in parts.

The 3rd century “NT” Apocrypha “Apocalypse of Paul” says that Hell has rivers of ice and fire.
“The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen features the symbolism of a cold world and cold hearts, caused by a mirror that falls to Earth and shatters into many pieces.

The goal of alchemy is to produce gold, which isn’t as cold as ice, but the word “gold” does sound like “cold”. Gold is immutable, a bit like the Rebel/false God.


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