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Numerous fictional characters have ‘flawed’ bodies or some disablement. The Devil has a limp, in some stories. The whole world is flawed, especially us humans, according to some ancient myths.

Doctor Strangelove – the mad scientist and ex-Nazi (in the film of the same name) is in a wheelchair and has a hand with a mind of its own.

DARTH VADER – “Star Wars” villain who relies on an artificial breathing apparatus that covers his head.

DAVROS – creator of the time travelling Daleks in “Doctor Who”. Davros depends on a life-support chair in place of his lower body. The mutant Daleks are each hidden inside an individual artificial protective shell.

PROFESSOR X – wheelchair bound paraplegic founder of the “X-Men”. He is a telepathic mutant.

JEFF JEFFRIES in the film “Rear Window”. Jeffries has a broken leg so is in a wheelchair. To pass time he watches his neighbours’ activities through their windows with binoculars, like some ‘All Seeing Eye’ of God.

JEROME EUGENE MORROW in the sci-fi movie “Gattaca”. Morrow was genetically designed to be a kind of perfect human (‘demi-god’) and live for a long time (“the guy’s practically gonna live forever”). But Morrow ends up in a wheelchair; paralysed from the waist down.

DOCTOR ALBERT MEINHEIMER is in a wheelchair in the comedy movie “Naked Gun 2 ½”.

“Islands In The Sky”, novel by Arthur C. Clarke. The Commander of a space station has lost both legs, though in zero gravity he has no mobility problems.

Series 3 Episode 12 “War of the Coprophages” – Doctor IVANOV is a creator of robots. He sits in a wheelchair and has an artificially enhanced voice that makes him sound like a robot/android.

“Surrogates” (2009) – Sci-fi film in which people live their lives vicariously through avatar/surrogate androids, whose creator is in a wheelchair.

HOUSE – American drama about a brilliant but rebellious doctor who needs a walking stick for his damaged leg.

There are websites on this subject, e.g. DISABILITY SUPERPOWER and GENIUS CRIPPLE. Click here to see:

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RED DWARF – episode “Cured” – a scientist in a wheelchair purges the evil from evil people, reminiscent of the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ story.

More to come…

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