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A parody of a James Bond villain wearing an eye patch (more one eye symbolism!) featured in the British children’s TV show “Spy School”, first broadcast in January 2018 on the mainstream British TV channels: ITV and CITV. Espionage is going more public, more mainstream, more ‘open’, as the Ruling Elite expand their spying to include the whole population: all part of their OPEN SOCIETY. British military intelligence (MI5 and MI6) now openly recruit new members. The James Bond movies help to glamorise a rather sinister activity. The worlds of war and peace (civilian and military) are merging.

In “Spy School”, young cadets have to solve puzzles and break codes in order to guide an agent around London as she tries to stop the evil one-eyed villain GOLDFIST from taking over the world. This TV series was produced by ZODIAK KIDS STUDIOS, an arm of ZODIAK KIDS, a world leader in childrens’ entertainment. Another of their programmes is “Totally Spies!”, about a teenage girl music band who live a double life as spies working for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP).

Zodiak Kids also produced the children’s TV series “LoliRock”, of which an advert includes one eye symbolism. Note the girl’s hand spread over the closed eye.

loliRock - Espionage and The Open Society

One eye symbolism

Zodiak Kids was a division of ZODIAK MEDIA, which merged with BANIJAY in 2016 to create what it described as the then world’s largest independent content creation group for television and multimedia platforms. Banijay shareholders have included the powerful AGNELLI family in Italy. The Agnellis in 2015 became the largest shareholder of the influential “The Economist” magazine, sharing control with – amongst others – the Rothschild family, another significant investor.

One Banijay employee worked for a media company with an eye for a logo: ENDEMOL. The CEO and chairman of Endemol’s North American division – DAVID GOLDBERG – left to become CEO of Banijay’s North America division. Goldberg is not to be confused with the David Goldberg who co-founded LAUNCH Media and married the FACEBOOK COO, SHERYL SANDBERG.

endemol - Espionage and The Open Society

one eye symbolism

“Spy Kids” is a series of films about a family of spies, including the parents’ children. “Spy Kids” was created, written and directed by ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, a friend/collaborator of filmmaker QUENTIN TARANTINO.

“Spy Kids” was produced by 2 companies: one co-owned by Rodriguez and the other – DIMENSION FILMS – run by the notorious film producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN and his brother BOB, and once owned by WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino collaborated together (e.g. “Pulp Fiction”). Tarantino publicly admitted that he failed to act on his knowledge of Weinstein’s sexual assaults.

The 4th “Spy Kids” movie, “All The Time In The World”, is about time manipulation, e.g. freezing time. The title is taken from the short story of the same name by sci-fi writer ARTHUR C. CLARKE, also about time manipulation.

MI6 produced their first mainstream TV recruitment advert in 2018 (aired on Channel 4 on May 24th), broadening the range of suitable recruits, and targeting women and ethnic minorities in particular. They were looking for recruits who possessed ‘soft skills’ such as emotional intelligence. “Secretly, we’re just like you”, the advert concluded. Here’s a link to the advert: link to MI6 advert

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