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For non-Simpsons imagery see the article in the ‘Human Mind and Body’ section in the ‘Symbolism’ section.

A common image I have seen is someone lying on the ground with the hands up/down pose.

The statue of Springfield hero, JEBEDIAH SPRINGFIELD, depicts him with the hands up/down pose.

This is an ongoing article.

Series 14
Episode 20 “Break My Wife. Please” – Homer on the floor in the road.

Series 19
Episode 2 “Homer of Seville” – Homer lies in a grave with one leg crossed over the straight leg.

Episode 18 “Any Given Sundance” – 1) A woman lying on the floor. 2) A man in a car at a football game. 3) A film reviewer angrily shakes one fist in the air whilst the other is down. 4) Nelson and his mum celebrate.

Series 25
Episode 4 “Yolo” – Homer when hanging upside down. See the ‘upside down’ article.
Ep 9 “Steal This Episode” – Homer lying on the floor in a bus.
Ep 13 “The Winter of His Content” – Someone holds Bart’s arm up while his other remains down. Nelson raises one arm aloft.
Ep 18 “Days of Future Future” – Homer in a grave.

More to come…