Intuition: Is there a dark side?

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“All you need is love”. If that comment is true, then where does intuition fit into the grand scheme of things that will make this world a better place? Many ‘New Agers’ regard intuition as a ‘knight in shining armour’ who – along with love – will rescue our world from evil and tyranny. But just how necessary is intuition, and is there a dark side to it?

A lot of people are uncertain about exactly what intuition is; how do you know that you’re receiving it; how do you know that it’s benefiting you; etc. The large number of words written/spoken about intuition are testament to that uncertainty. David Icke – who promotes intuition- has confused the issue for me in one of his more recent books, “The Perception Deception”, by writing that the ruling elite want to bypass our conscious minds so that the ruling elite can take control of our subconscious minds, thus they can take control of our thinking, perceptions and behaviour (see P161).The ruling elite want – he writes- “…to suppress conscious imagination and exploit subconscious imagination.” (p431). Where does intuition fit into this view? How do we know that it’s not being tampered with?

A BBC television documentary on intuition (“Horizon: How You Really Make Decisions”, BBC2, 24/Feb/2014) concluded that the average person is utilizing intuition incorrectly, so human society needs to be redesigned to allow intuition to flourish. It’s not just New Agers who promote intuition: it’s slowly going mainstream. This bothers me, because most mainstream events/trends are usually overshadowed by the ruling elite, I conclude. For example, the modern Rosicrucian organisation AMORC (headquarters in the USA) publicly promotes its mystical beliefs, especially its goal of encouraging everyone to use “divine intelligence”, accessed via “the still, small voice within”. AMORC held two annual conferences in England in 1996 and 1997 at the University Of Surrey, whose Chancellor back then was the Queen’s cousin: the Duke of Kent, also the Grand Master of Britain’s most popular branch of Freemasonry. Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry are a continuation of the Christian Protestant split from the Catholic Church in the 16th Century, beginning the trend towards encouraging each individual person to access ‘God’ directly, rather than relying on an indirect human intermediary. That said, the Catholic rejection of Freemasonry was not immediate. Initially, there were plenty of Catholic Masons/Freemasons.

This desire for a world directed by Divine Intelligence/God/Universal Laws is gradually pervading powerful transnational institutions such as the United Nations. One of the ‘fathers’ of the campaign for a united Europe, Count RICHARD COUDENHOVE-KALERGI (1894-1972), wrote: “…we are mere puppets in the hands of God…” Kalergi has been linked to the esoteric-political philosophy known as SYNARCHY (the opposite of anarchy), which wants European union and ultimately a World government led by elite rulers in psychic contact with hidden beings/powers. (See “The Sion Revelation”, LYNN PICKNETT & CLIVE PRINCE) In a synarchic society, everyone has a preordained, natural place in the larger body of society. A similar view is outlined in a remarkable series of psychically-channeled books by KEN CAREY (e.g. “The Starseed Transmissions”), which say that we humans- following our intuition- are destined to evolve into the ‘brain cells’ of a super-organism controlled by a Divine Creator.

The notorious British occultist Aleister Crowley advocated the principle: “Do what thou wilt”, by which he meant follow God’s Will. However, a fellow contemporary occultist, Christine Stoddard, warned of becoming ‘an empty vessel’ in the hands of psychic forces.

Intuition is seen by some occultists and New Agers as part of the evolutionary process: crude animal instincts evolve into human intuition which then evolves into ‘god consciousness’. But is it the real ‘God’/universal mind or the fake ‘blind’ god of Gnostic belief? Or is ‘god consciousness’ the ‘blind watchmaker’ espoused by Richard Dawkins, which is just some ‘blind’ cancerous survival instinct controlling our physical flesh?

The ancient idea of a ‘Master Race'(chosen by God to rule) is manifesting in the 21st century as a ‘spiritual elite’ who are more able to tune into ‘natural, divine’ laws. The renowned psychologist ABRAHAM MASLOW (famed for his ‘hierarchy of needs’) suggested that there could be a “biological elite” who are more able to “self-actualise” (to be your true self via heightened awareness and positivity).
I believe that the use of the subconscious mind was subtly popularized by those top filmmakers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas:

1)”Jaws”: the shark symbolizes the demons of the hidden depths of the mind;
2)”Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” and “ET” symbolize the contact with a new intelligence;
3)”Star Wars”: Jedi Warriors prefer the ‘Force’ as a decision-maker.
Crowley wrote that the Will in question was not the selfish will associated with the ego, but was to linked with divine will and divine purpose. It was about finding your natural place in the grand scheme of things. See his Law of Thelema.

The United Nations promotes meditation and intuition. In this respect it was supported by the top academic and systems theory proponent ERVIN LASZLO, who worked for UN offshoots such as UNESCO and UNITAR. He belonged to numerous global-oriented institutions such as The CLUB OF ROME and founded THE CLUB OF BUDAPEST. Laszlo believes in an underlying holographic energy field that is self-aware.

The United Nations’ promotion of meditation and intuition can be traced back to the UNESCO predecessor: the League of Nation’s ICIC, whose members included fans of intuition such as the famous scientist Albert Einstein and the renowned French philosopher Henri Bergson, of which the latter’s sister MINA BERGSON was an occultist who married SAMUEL MATHERS, a co-founder of the influential occult Order of the Golden Dawn. Another Golden Dawn member, Aleister Crowley, promoted the following of God’s Will under love. What ‘love’ is this? Is this love a form of intuition or distinct from it? Who is really behind the New Age movement? Why has David Icke – till now (2018 at least)  – seemingly ignored the United Nations’ growing embodiment of the new age values that he promotes, despite Icke also viewing the UN as central to the global conspiracy?

Henri Bergson suggested that a higher form of instinct is evolving in man. Although instincts are controllable, they suggest to me a reduction in our free will, if not the loss of it.

Einstein’s promotion of intuition was cited by the bestselling author on the nature of power and manipulation: ROBERT GREENE, a student of Zen Buddhism and author of “The 48 Laws of Power”, which was referenced in songs by the Rappers JAY Z, KANYE WEST and DRAKE. Another Rapper – 50 CENT – collaborated with Greene on the book “The 50th Law”. In his book “Mastery”, Greene made the common mistake of attributing a quote on intuition to Einstein that Einstein didn’t make (“…the Intuitive Mind is a sacred gift…”, etc). However, Einstein did write: “Intuition is the father of new knowledge”.

In the aforementioned BBC documentary on decision making (“How You Really Make Decisions”), they focused on the research of the Nobel Prize winning Professor DANIEL KAHNEMAN, who received from American President Barack Obama the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He pointed out the weaknesses of human decision making in his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, which contrasted the 2 different ways of thinking: Fast (emotional, instinctive, intuitive) and Slow (logical, deliberate).

Kahneman concluded that intuition wasn’t perfect and needed to be managed carefully: a conclusion shared by the bestselling author ADAM GRANT in his book “Originals” (2016), of which the foreword was written by his friend, the FACEBOOK COO SHERYL SANDBERG, who teamed up with Grant to co-author “Option B” (2017). Grant gave a TED talk and was named a YOUNG GLOBAL LEADER by the World Economic Forum. Other of those WEF leaders have been Sandberg’s Facebook boss MARK ZUCKERBERG; the GOOGLE co-founders LARRY PAGE and SERGIN BRIN; WIKIPEDIA founder JIMMY PAGE. Jimmy Page also managed those Young Leaders as a board member of the FORUM OF YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS, working alongside fellow board member DAVID RUBENSTEIN (CFR Vice Chairman; co-founder of the CARLYLE GROUP).

Grant’s book “Originals” was endorsed by:
1) Intuition fan and ally of Sheryl Sandberg: ARIANNA HUFFINGTON.
2) STAR TREK director JJ ABRAMS, who also directed “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.
3) SUSAN CAIN, author of the bestselling “Quiet”; interviewed by Arianna Huffington and wrote blogs on Huffington’s co-founded HUFFPOST.
4) Intuition fan and bestselling author MALCOLM GLADWELL, author of “Blink” and “The Tipping Point”. Gladwell endorsed the book “Before You Know It”, by one of the world’s top experts (supposedly) on the unconscious mind: JOHN BARGH (Yale University Psychology Professor), who wrote that intuition is useful but needs to be managed carefully.

More to come…



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