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upside down Simpsons

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For non-Simpsons imagery, see the Upside Down Man subsection in the Human Section.

Series 5
Episode 16 – “Homer Loves Flanders” – Bart sits upside down on a sofa with one leg crossed over the straight leg.

Series 9

Episode 13 – “The Joy Of Sect” – a cult member hangs upside down by one leg. One character pretends to be God.

Series 11
Ep 10 – “Little Big Mom” – Homer hung upside down by one leg.

Ep 18 – “Days of Wine and D’Oh’ses” – Homer hangs from a helicopter by one leg.

Series 12
Episode 4 – “Lisa The Tree Hugger” – Lisa hangs upside down from a tree branch, but from both legs.
Episode 5 – “Homer Versus Dignity” – Homer snags his leg on a fence and hangs upside down by one leg.

Series 13
Ep 3 “Homer the Moe” – Moe’s new bar has bar stools upside down on the ceiling.

Ep 18 “I am Furious Yellow” – Homer hung upside down by a rope by one leg. The loose leg is bent at a right angle.

Series 15
Episode 19 “Simple Simpson” – Bart held upside down by Homer.

Series 18

Episode 5 “GI (Annoyed Grunt) – In a shoe shop, Bart and Milhouse are both hung upside down in rope webbing (like a spider’s web). Their legs are not parallel, i.e. one leg is more vertical than the other.

Series 19

Episode 2 – “Homer Of Seville” – a mother gives birth to a baby who is held upside down by one leg.

Series 21
Episode 6 – “Pranks And Greens” – Bart holds both legs of an upside down Krusty the Clown.

Series 23

Episode 10 – “Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson” – Martin Prince is held upside down by one leg by a tree rope.

Episode 13 – “The Daughter Also Rises” – Milhouse is held by one leg by Groundskeeper Willy. This episode was written by ROB LAZEBNIK, who was educated at Harvard University where he wrote for the “Harvard Lampoon”.

Episode 22 – “Lisa Goes Gaga” – Lisa is held by both legs (not just one) by Homer who wants to do it 17 times.

Series 24

Ep 3 “Adventures In Baby-Getting” – Milhouse hangs upside down by a rope by both legs.
episode 4 “Gone Abie Gone” – Bart hangs upside down by a rope in a chimney.

Series 28
Episode 14 “Fatzcarraldo” – Milhouse hung upside down by one leg by a rope.

More to come…