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“Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory” (1971) – film based on the children’s novels of ROALD DAHL. A boy is broken into a million pieces then rebuilt but on a much smaller scale (miniaturised). The fantasy world created by Willy Wonka is described as a world of “…pure imagination…”

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” (2014) – superhero movie. ROCKET RACOON is a racoon who was repeatedly torn apart and rebuilt in order to become more human. Rocket has genetic and cybernetic enhancements.

STAR WARS comic series DAWN OF THE JEDI – set 1000s of years before Star Wars Part IV. In Volume 3 “Force War”, a pre-Jedi warrior tells of his descent to the bottom of a chasm (“I fell forever…”) where a mysterious energy “…ripped me apart then put me back together!” His descent = Hell? The Fall of man? Lucifer’s fall? Orpheus descent to the underworld?


More to come…

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