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The Ruling Elite’s planned union of those two apparent opposites – socialism and capitalism – can be seen in one of the most famous and influential economists of the 20th century: the Fabian JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, who like his friend Baron ROTHSCHILD (VICTOR ROTHSCHILD) (MI5) belonged to the secretive Cambridge University society nicknamed ‘The Apostles’, whose members were described by fellow Apostle and Fabian BERTRAND RUSSELL as operating beyond time and space. Was he hinting that the Apostles were in psychic contact with ‘spirits’ or at least were highly intuitive? The Fabians and the Club Of Rome both wanted to rebuild the world “nearer to the heart’s desire”. Was that ‘heart’s desire’ a reference to intuition and/or Aleister Crowley’s TRUE WILL (a transcendent god-like ‘will’, not an egotistical ‘will’).

‘Left wing’ Keynes was friends with his supposed ‘right wing’ enemy FRIEDRICH HAYEK. The pair were closer in their views than the once common perception of them. Keynes wanted a ‘liberal socialism’, i.e. a community organised to promote common justice but also protect the individual (e.g. individual freedom of choice).

Hayek in 1938 attended a meeting of economists wanting to find an alternative to the extremes of planned socialism and unregulated capitalism/free markets, which would be dubbed NEOLIBERALISM. Also at the meeting was Keynes’ friend, the American Fabian WALTER LIPPMANN, who had years earlier met the English Fabians Sidney and Beatrice Webb at a Fabian Summer camp. Lippmann co-founded the Fabian-influenced LEAGUE OF NATIONS that would evolve into the United Nations. Lippmann’s name inspired the meeting’s name: The COLLOQUE WALTER LIPPMANN.

In the 1930s, Hayek and his friend and fellow LSE Professor LIONEL ROBBINS both wanted a unified economic theory, but in the 1940s Robbins seemingly sided with Keynes. Robbins and Keynes both attended the world-changing 1944 BRETTON WOODS conference. However, Robbins attended another significant conference in 1947: the founding of the MPS (MONT PELERIN SOCIETY) that wanted a new type of ‘liberalism’. The MPS founding President was Hayek, and it was initially dominated by representatives of the LSE (Fabian founders); the ‘Austrian School’ (University of Vienna); and Chicago University, the latter being funded by the Rockefellers who also funded the LSE. Hayek received a Rockefeller Foundation grant.

At the MPS founding conference was Chicago Professor and destined-for-fame economist MILTON FRIEDMAN who would lead the opposition to Keynes and consequent rise of ‘right wing’ ‘Reagonomics’ and ‘Thatcherism’. But Friedman had started out as a ‘left wing’ Keynesian, e.g. taxes to reduce inflation. Even when Friedman converted to ‘free market’ theories, he still wanted governments to prevent an excess of chaos and inequality. Friedman advocated MONETARISM, in which the government controls the money supply. Thus, Friedman was regarded by Hayek as Keynesian in outlook, i.e. a macroeconomist not microeconomist.

The ‘Neoliberalism’ spawned by the Colloque Walter Lippmann confusingly split up; one version evolved into the ‘right wing’ economics of Thatcher and Reagan, whilst the other became the ‘centre left’ movement of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. The Blair/Clinton version- dubbed THE 3rd WAY – had started as the SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY, implemented in 1949 onwards in the West Germany that successfully rebuilt after the world war with help from the victorious allies (especially America). West Germany’s inaugural leader/Chancellor after the war was the leader of the CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC UNION party: KONRAD ADENAUER, who supported European Union, such as the PAN EUROPA movement.

The Pan Europa movement began in 1923 by Count RICHARD COUDENHOVE-KALERGI who emigrated to the USA during World War 2 where he taught at NYU (New York University) and collaborated with Hayek’s teacher/mentor at the ‘Austrian school’: the MPS member LUDWIG VON MISES who was a visiting Professor to the NYU where he studied currency issues for the Pan Europa movement. Von Mises was one of numerous Jewish academics/scientists who emigrated to America with help/grants from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Kalergi was financed by the Rothschild-connected German Jewish banker MAX WARBURG, a German REICHSBANK (central bank) board member who was introduced to Kalergi by the Austrian Rothschild BARON LOUIS DE ROTHSCHILD. Other Pan Europa supporters included ALBERT EINSTEIN (Jewish), SIGMUND FREUD (Jewish), OTTO VON HABSBURG (son of the last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian empire), WINSTON CHURCHILL.

Kalergi held a mystical/occult view of the world, viewing humans as puppets of God. Kalergi is mentioned in my article on intuition in the Mind and Consciousness section.

Hayek played a role in the founding of a very influential ‘right wing’ British ‘think tank’: the IEA (Institute of Economic Affairs), which spurred the rise of the ‘free market’ economics of the British Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher. The IEA reached a large audience thanks in part to 2 Editors at the prestigious British newspaper, THE TIMES: PETER JAY and WILLIAM REES-MOGG, who both held key positions at the BBC.

Rees-Mogg (father of the Conservative MP, JACOB REES-MOGG) was a leading Catholic commentator and wanted the church to be a bit more liberal and less conservative. Intriguingly, he endorsed a New Age book, “The Pool of Memory” (1998), by another “The Times” and BBC employee: MICHAL LEVIN, who promoted meditation, intuition and energy healing; and who claimed to have been in contact with spirit people. Levin became friends with the New Age leading light KEN WILBUR. Levin wrote spiritual articles for “The Times”, although previously Levin had been a down-to-earth reporter on the BBC’s “Newsnight” current affairs show, so hints of David Icke’s career progression.

Rees-Mogg (deceased) would have approved of – I’m sure – the current Catholic Pope (in 2018), Pope Francis, who is more liberal than previous Popes and who in 2016 advocated ‘3rd way’ thinking, i.e. a “social market economy”. See his interview in “La Croix” (May 16th 2016).

Rees-Mogg (BBC Vice chairman; MPS and IEA member) knew Victor Rothschild during World War Two and later persuaded Rothschild to write articles for “The Times”. Rees-Mogg belonged to the financial organisation co-founded by Victor Rothschild’s son JACOB: J.ROTHSCHILD ASSURANCE (later renamed ST. JAMES PLACE CAPITAL and ST. JAMES PLACE WEALTH MANAGEMENT). Note another Jacob!

Rees-Mogg seemingly changed his political allegiance to the Conservative Party by joining the anti-Europe party, THE REFERENDUM PARTY, established by the very wealthy Rothschild-connected businessman Sir JAMES GOLDSMITH, whose family had long standing ties to the Rothschilds that stretch back to their shared Jewish origins in Frankfurt, Germany. James Goldsmith and Jacob Rothschild had business ties. Goldsmith funded Rees-Mogg’s failed legal challenge to the British government signing up to the pro-Europe MAASTRICHT TREATY.

Goldsmith and Jacob Rothschild were major shareholders in the gold producer NEWMONT MINING, but later sold some of their shares to another Jewish billionaire speculator: GEORGE SOROS.

Was Goldsmith really opposed to a centralised European super-state? He still wanted transnational institutions to tackle transnational issues, e.g. the environment; military; security; etc. His brother EDWARD was a prominent environmentalist who established “The Ecologist” magazine, later edited by his nephew ZAC GOLDSMITH (son of James). Zac was also a eurosceptic, publicly at least. Zac and his brother BEN both married Rothschilds.

Zac and Edward Goldsmith’s ‘Green’ work resulted in awards/recognition from the likes of the UN and Mikhail Gorbachev’s GREEN CROSS INTERNATIONAL, of which a board director was the CLUB OF ROME Co-President, Professor Dr Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker.

Zac, a very wealthy Conservative MP, publicly wanted more DIRECT DEMOCRACY and more powers for local councils, thus fitting in with the Ruling Elite’s plans to eliminate the traditional nation state by simultaneously giving more powers to 1) smaller local regions (devolution); and 2) transnational institutions and supranational organisations.

More LOCAL DEMOCRACY and more powers for local authorities has been a cause supported by the charity/campaign group WAR ON WANT, whose patron JOHN DENHAM (high-ranking Fabian) wanted an English Parliament and an English Labour Party, hence he co-founded The ENGLISH LABOUR NETWORK in 2017.

The Referendum Party’s inaugural chairman, BARON McALPINE (Alistair McAlpine, of the McAlpine construction company), had previously been a high ranking Tory under Margaret Thatcher (the Party’s Deputy Chairman and Treasurer). He co-authored a philosophical – some might say ‘New Age’ – book with an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner: “Triumph Of Failure” (2004). McAlpine was a Director at the holding company of the influential Jewish Zionist GEORGE WEIDENFELD, who in the newly formed Israel had served directly under the Israeli President CHAIM WEIZMANN as Chef de Cabinet and adviser.

Weidenfeld and James Goldsmith socialised with fellow Jewish businessman George Soros in the 1980s.

Weidenfeld and Goldsmith both were Board Directors at the now defunct media empire HOLLINGER that once owned the JERUSALEM POST newspaper in Israel. Hollinger’s merchant banker was NM ROTHSCHILD. Hollinger advisers included JACOB ROTHSCHILD and fellow Jew, Henry Kissinger (RIIA; CFR; TC; Bilderberg).

Weidenfeld co-founded the book publisher WEIDENFELD & NICHOLSON, which published a book written by the aforementioned THE TIMES economics editor Sir Peter Jay, although Jay was a Keynesian in outlook, and was the son of 2 Labour Party politicians. Jays’ book: “Road To Riches” (2000), concerned the historical path towards our global economic system. I couldn’t find the Rothschilds in the book’s index (1st edition), despite their influence. It’s remarkable how many history books omit the Rothschilds, at least in the index. His book accompanied his BBC2 series of the same name (broadcast in 2000); not surprising as Jay had been the BBC’s Economics and Business Editor. For the series he interviewed his “friend” Henry Kissinger.

In his series, Jay described the British Empire’s height as a golden era because trade was relatively open and global, with one single stable monetary standard (the British Pound/Sterling). Jay appeared to me to be hinting for the need for a modern global financial system, and had done so previously in his 1987 co-authored book “Apocalypse 2000”, which predicted a disaster for Western democracies if they couldn’t cope with fundamental economic problems.

Jay married the daughter (Margaret) of the British PM JAMES CALLAGHAN (Labour Party), a RIIA joint-President, thus Jay wrote political speeches for Callaghan.

Jay was the British Ambassador to the USA and he belonged to a Royal-backed think tank: ST GEORGE’S HOUSE, where the business guru CHARLES HANDY was Warden. Jay was a Governor of another influential British think tank: THE DITCHLEY FOUNDATION, whose other Governors included two RIIA (Chatham House) Chairmen:  BARON TUGENDHAT (Christopher Tugendhat, pro-Europe) and BARON WRIGHT (Patrick Wright).

RIIA Chairman Christopher Tugendhat linked to the ‘centre left’ (or 3rd way) brand of politics due to him having sat on the advisory board of the centre left journal “Prospect”, set up in 1995 just 2 years before the election as British PM in 1997 of the Fabian and Labour Party leader, TONY BLAIR, who fronted the modernisation of the Labour Party (NEW LABOUR) that became less left wing and more centrist.

Tugendhat was keen to advertise his Jewish ancestry in “Prospect”, in a seemingly odd article that he wrote in the 1990s about his ancestry, rather than on business or politics. Was this a subtle and indirect response to his mention in David Icke’s first conspiracy book, “The Robot’s Rebellion”?

Blair and US President Bill Clinton both championed the 3rd way, as did Blair’s adviser ANTHONY GIDDENS, who was educated at the LSE and became LSE Director when Blair became PM. Giddens belonged to the pro-‘New Labour’ think tank, IPPR (Giddens on its’ advisory council).

PROSPECT magazine initially broadly supported ‘New Labour’ and a Federal Europe, though by the 21st century it claimed to have no fixed political stance. Prospect Board Director DOUGLAS HURD was a RIIA President and signed the pro-Europe MAASTRICHT TREATY as the Government’s Foreign Secretary. Hurd had previously served the Tory PM TED HEATH as his private secretary. Heath appointed the Cambridge ‘Apostle’ Victor Rothschild to head his policy unit, the CPRS.

Prospect founder DAVID GOODHART became Director of the centre left think tank DEMOS that in its’ early years had also been pro-New Labour. Goodhart descended from MEYER LEHMAN, a Jewish co-founder of the powerful bank LEHMAN BROTHERS.

Prospect reprinted an essay on Hayek in 1996 that claimed him for the centre left, when previously he had been revered by the right wing. The essay was penned by ANDREW GAMBLE, a Cambridge University Professor who wanted a new unified economic theory. Gamble compared Hayek to the ‘new liberals’ of the early 20th century, and outlined Hayek’s belief that a national government shouldn’t impose its own design, rather, it should set a framework within which trial-and-error can create new types of organisations. But, in my opinion, it could be argued that the government is still imposing itself with its’ constraints: Freedom within limits. One such constraint is the environment.

Gamble’s essay was originally published in another centre left journal, one in which he sat on its’ editorial board: THE POLITICAL QUARTERLY, co-founded by the influential Fabian and Cambridge Apostle LEONARD WOOLF, who promoted an international government and helped influence the formation of the UN predecessor, the LEAGUE OF NATIONS.

Joining Gamble on “The Political Quarterly” editorial board in 2018 were 2 BBC stalwarts: POLLY TOYNBEE and WILL HUTTON. Toynbee, a Fabian, was a descendant of the illustrious TOYNBEE family who contributed significantly to left wing socialism. Toynbee’s father PHILIP was a prominent Communist whilst her grandfather ARNOLD J. TOYNBEE spent many years at the RIIA, so not surprisingly Arnold publicly wanted a world government, world currency, etc. Arnold’s father-in-law, GILBERT MURRAY, played significant roles in the formation of the LEAGUE OF NATIONS and the charity OXFAM.

Arnold J. Toynbee could be described as a proto-New Ager, because he possessed a kind of psychic faculty similar to remote viewing, which he used for accessing historical events (He was a historian). Additionally, he urged us all to explore and control the depths of the subconscious mind. He inspired the name of the fictional time travel machine in the sci-fi novel “The Toynbee Convector”, by RAY BRADBURY.

WILL HUTTON went mainstream in Britain in 1996 – the year before Blair became PM and the year that he became editor-in-chief of one of Britain’s national newspapers: THE OBSERVER (centre left). I remember back in 1996 seeing large photographs of Hutton displayed in shop windows of one of Britain’s most ubiquitous book shops: WATERSTONES, then owned by the top book/magazine/newspaper retailer, W.H. SMITH. They were advertising the paperback version of Hutton’s popular book “The State We’re In”, in which he argued for a ‘third way’, or as he called it: CO-OPERATIVE CAPITALISM, by which competition is tamed by cooperation and by “…a properly democratic system of government…”

In 1996, Hutton broadly supported the ‘middle way’ of the unofficial ‘New Labour’ manifesto, “The Blair Revolution”, written by Blair’s ‘alter ego’ PETER MANDELSON and also ROGER LIDDLE. Prior to 1996, Hutton worked at the BBC as a Producer (TV and Radio) specialising in economics, so no surprise to see him in a BBC TV documentary in 1996 (“Panorama”, BBC1, 29th Jan) to offer solutions to the problems caused by Britain’s welfare state. Later in 1996, Hutton fronted his own TV series on Channel 4 (another public service broadcaster): “False Economy”. Still in 1996, Hutton wrote an article in the CFR journal “Foreign Affairs” (The CFR is the American sister of Britain’s RIIA) that advertised “Prospect”. Hutton’s article called for: 1) More regulation of international financial markets; 2)the taxation of financial transactions; 3) higher gasoline taxes in high-consuming countries such as the USA. All this, in my opinion, echoes the Ruling Elite’s desire for more INDIRECT TAXES (e.g. ‘green taxes) and less DIRECT TAXES (e.g. income tax). For more on this see my article on UBI/BIG in the Business and Economics section.

Hutton got praise from the CFR member and renowned ‘left wing’ economist JOHN K. GALBRAITH, a fan of Keynes, though Galbraith wrote that the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group weren’t very effective. Hutton even got praise in 1996 in “The Big Issue” magazine for homeless people in Britain ( no.165; “The State Will’s In”, SIMON ROGERS). In the following “Big Issue” (no. 166), the “readers’ star letter of the week” praised Hutton’s “…enlightened analysis…”

Big Issue sponsors in the 1990s included big name British banks such as LLOYDS; MIDLAND and NATWEST, of which the latter bank had RIIA Chairman Christopher Tugendhat as deputy chairman.

Hutton and Peter Jay aided the top economist ROGER BOOTLE (a Keynes fan) in the writing of his book “The Death Of Inflation” (1997). Bootle was one of the ‘wise men’ who advised the Conservative Government’s UK Treasury. Bootle wanted banks and financial markets to be regulated more closely, and wants a new world money. See his “The Trouble With Markets” (2012).

There have been numerous proposals for capitalism and the competitive society to be tamed. A noteworthy example in 2018 was a New Age version called SUPERCONSCIOUS CAPITALISM, suggested by a Silicon Valley executive, FRED KOFMAN, a GOOGLE leadership adviser who previously had been at LINKEDIN as Vice President for Leadership. Kofman wanted capitalism to be enhanced by love, spirituality, mindfulness, cooperation, ’emotional intelligence’ and the search for meaning.

Kofman was admired by his peers, not least LINKEDIN who incorporated his CONSCIOUS BUSINESS PROGRAM. The LinkedIn CEO JEFF WEINER (Jewish, as was Kofman) endorsed Kofman’s 2018 book “The Meaning Revolution”, as did Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg (Jewish); Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post); the LinkedIn co-founder REID HOFFMAN (helped finance the rise of Facebook); MICROSOFT CEO Satya Nadella.

Kofman’s book “Conscious Business” contained forewords by:- 1) the aforementioned prominent New Age writer KEN WILBER (see Michal Levin above) ; and 2) the successful ‘management guru’ PETER SENGE, a meditation practitioner. Senge and Kofman collaborated at MIT.

Senge collaborated with another ‘New Age’ management guru JOSEPH JAWORSKI, whom I discuss in my article “NASA, Gaia and the Great Work” (in the New Age section). They co-wrote “Presence”, and Senge wrote the introduction to Jaworski’s book “Synchronicity”, which encourages intuition, as did Jaworski’s book, “Source”. Jaworski worked at the oil company ROYAL DUTCH SHELL, where he led its’ innovative SCENARIO PLANNING, thought by some to have originated with the RAND CORPORATION.

More to follow…