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The North West region of France – when viewed on a map – resembles an arm pointing Westward to North America. Intriguingly, there was once a region here called ARMORICA or AREMORICA: the inspiration for the name of America?

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Aremorica is the region where the cartoon strip character Asterix the Gaul lives.

asterix the gaul - The name AMERICA

Asterix the Gaul

Asterix aremorica - The name AMERICA

Asterix in Aremorica

Asterix and his fellow villagers are holding out against the Roman Empire, just as Americans rebelled against European rulers. Asterix and co. drink a magical potion conferring superhuman strength, maybe an occult reference to the Great Work. The magic potion is concocted by a druid. Obelix carries tall stones.

The Medieval English region of MERCIA resembles the name America, if a vowel is placed in front. MERCIA is an anagram of MERICA.

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