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Regarding Mankind’s future, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that the poverty, inequality, wars, disease, pollution, famine, crime, injustice, pain and suffering of the last 10,000 years are all slowly but surely declining to bearable amounts. There will still be isolated pockets of darkness in the future, but for most people – most of the time- a seemingly bright future lies ahead, full of remarkable scientific progress. Our evolution will accelerate, directed as much by scientists as Mother Nature. Some members of the Human Race will eventually depart from Earth and colonize other planets, other galaxies.

And the bad news?

Few people will be in control of their lives, although they might be fooled into thinking that they are independent and master of their own destiny. Mankind’s enduring slavery looks set to continue, but with less pain and tears. The Great Work is a long term, ongoing, evolutionary process that demands subservience. Any deviation and you will be pushed out to the fringes of society where money, power, resources, etc are harder to come by.

I just wrote “good news” and “bad news”, though by now some of you will be wondering if what I have written is ‘fake news’, or maybe the work of some deluded personality who has spent far too much time immersed in science fiction and ‘crazy’ conspiracy theories. I understand such a view, and would have been skeptical myself in my youth when I had little time for any worldview that differed from the cynical ‘life’s a bitch and then you die’ perspective. But I was ignorant back then, and arrogant, and have learned much in the meantime from diverse sources. Some of my conclusions were arrived at independently, with no source material. You won’t get the truth from just one source, especially not from the mainstream media.

At the time of writing, 2017, FAKE NEWS has been a hot topic of debate, in the wake of the recent growth of the ‘alternative media’ (or ‘social media’), and the rise to political power of American President DONALD TRUMP, who has been made a scapegoat for the rise to prominence of fake news. In reality, fake news is as old as news itself, so it is extreme hypocrisy for the mainstream media and other politicians to adopt a holier-than-thou stance.

Donald Trump has also contributed considerably to the already substantial ridicule and demonization of the word ‘CONSPIRACY’, despite the fact that there have always been genuine conspiracies. It’s absurd to assume that the dark side of humanity is somehow devoid of sinister conspiracies. Are criminal psychopaths not capable of such things? Of course, they can. Are some people not easily intimidated into participating in a conspiracy? Are some people not ignorant enough to be used unknowingly as puppets in a conspiracy? I agree that there are some daft ideas out there, but if there is one thing dafter than a daft conspiracy theory, it’s the idea that there are no conspiracies worth knowing about. It’s equally naive, I believe, to assume that the direction of world events is totally random, uncoordinated, goalless, and run by innocent, well-meaning individuals trying their hardest to cope with a complex, fast-changing world. Believe that, and you really will believe anything.

It’s not as if the accepted mainstream versions of history are filled with wonderful people doing wonderful things. On the contrary, tyrants and dictators and undemocratic institutions dominate the history books. Most conspiracy theories are just extensions of orthodox history.

The Great Work is paradoxically NOT a conspiracy and yet simultaneously is the mother of all conspiracies, incorporating many – but not all – smaller conspiracies. How come? Because the vast majority of the population have been unaware of it, while the small majority who have some awareness may not have been told the whole story of who controls this world and why. Even a high-ranking member of a secretive ‘occult’ society may have been given an incomplete story. The ultimate source of the Great Work is just one mind, which is at least one mind short of what is needed to constitute a conspiracy, i.e. 2 or more people working together.

Controlling the population is easier than you might think. Who is in control of your sexuality? You or your genes/biology/hormones? You or your cultural background? Who decides what and when you eat? You or your stomach? You or your income or TV adverts? Who decides a nation’s financial interest rate? You or a few people at a central bank? Who decides what is written in the mainstream mass media? You or a select elite of journalists/presenters?

For most of recorded human history, the average person was an ignorant, uneducated slave/serf/subject with few human rights. Most of the wealth, power and influence has always been in the hands of a small Ruling Elite. I conclude that this Ruling Elite has itself been controlled by an even smaller, hidden elite who took their orders from otherworldly minds/forces. Although there has been an improvement recently in the average standard of living (which looks set to continue) we are still slaves to all sorts of rules, regulations, peer pressure, security, health & safety, etc. In the future, the human race will mostly be slaves to Artificial Intelligence and to our intuition and the ‘Universal Mind’. The human race will be a superorganism controlled by a ‘hive mind’.

The Ruling Elite’s methods of control are changing from mostly fear-based to mostly love-based, in line with the rise of the New Age movement. The old hierarchical control system (the ‘class’ system) is being replaced by self-organizing networks and cooperatives composed of intuitive individuals taking control (seemingly) of their own work and career. Conspiracy? What conspiracy?

The demonization/ridicule of conspiracy theories (and the people behind them) stems – I believe – from the Ruling Elite, who naturally don’t want you to believe the conspiracies that are genuinely true. Some of those conspiracy theorists- especially the high-profile ones- are puppets of the Ruling elite,  in my opinion, who deliberately sabotage their own public reputations with bizarre behavior, bizarre ideas, and misinformation that can spread like a virus to genuine researchers. Any genuine researchers who manage to rise above the nonsense will still be tarnished with the same brush: ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’, or at least naïve and ignorant.

One conspiracy researcher who has contributed substantially to this negative portrayal is arguably the most famous of them all, to date: DAVID ICKE. Is he a genuine researcher or a fake? If genuine, is he still a puppet, albeit blissfully unaware? Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I reckon that Icke has been unwittingly manipulated by the Ruling Elite into saying/doing things guaranteed to bring the ridicule/abuse that he has endured over the last 25 years or so. Although I have some fundamental disagreements with certain aspects of his worldview, I am broadly in the ‘same boat’ (the ‘same ballpark’) as him, i.e. I agree that the Human Race is temporarily trapped in a realm that is isolated from the rest of Creation; and I agree that we have been controlled by forces that are both human and non-human; conscious and non-conscious.

However, I think that Icke made a big mistake in his interpretation of ancient religious/mythological/occult symbolism involving snakes, serpents, dragons and reptiles. Whereas I conclude that they symbolize the inanimate forces of nature (e.g. cause and effect, in relation to the Great Work), Icke famously decodes the symbols to represent real people in positions of power/influence who transform (‘shape shift’) between human and reptilian form.

Another major disagreement concerns INTUITION, which I conclude is central to the Great Work, whereas Icke takes the New Age view that intuition is a liberating force. But the rise of intuition as a decision maker is an example of the Ruling Elite control tool ‘Problem – Reaction – Solution’, as Icke would say.

Problem = Human history has often been unpleasant.
Reaction = “Something must be done”.
Solution = New Age ideas and intuition.

For more on intuition, see my article “Intuition: Is there a dark side?” in the Mind and Consciousness section.

Icke’s notoriety extended to the British Prime Minister DAVID CAMERON, who gave a speech in 2016 denying that there was a “…giant conspiracy, some sort of David Icke- style…” conspiracy to convince British voters to stay in the European Union. Icke has always complained that his views have been either censored or at least heavily distorted by the Ruling Elite-controlled mainstream media – which I agree is true to a certain extent – but Icke doesn’t fully understand the significance of all the publicity that he has been given over the years, especially the publicity from his former employer the BBC, who have been a major player in the global conspiracy according to Icke and others, including myself.

I believe that the Ruling Elite have exploited Icke to simultaneously:
1) promote key aspects of the Great Work;
2) criticize anyone or any idea that threatens to expose the true nature of the Great Work.

Confused? To explain, I need to briefly highlight some key moments in his life. According to Icke, back in 1989 and early 1990, he felt as if some invisible force was shaping his life, helping him to work at the BBC as a TV presenter and to become a political spokesperson for the British Green Party, which then was a fairly powerful force in British politics, at a time when environmental issues were going mainstream. His desire to pinpoint the nature of that invisible guiding hand led him into contact with a group of people who have been much maligned throughout the ages: those ‘sensitive’ people variously described as ‘psychics’, ‘mediums’, ‘channelers’, etc., who claim to receive information either from their subconscious mind or from conscious minds inhabiting realms external to our own.

Here is where things start to get really interesting. Those psychics/mediums – although apparently working independently from one another – all told Icke more or the less the same thing: humanity is undergoing a big evolutionary transformation that would sweep away much of the darkness of human history, resulting in a brighter new world. What’s more, this transformation was being guided by invisible, non-physical, powerful minds and forces that were operating via humans who were receptive to their control. Icke had been chosen by those ‘higher’ minds/forces to be one of the key leaders in this global transformation. He also developed psychic abilities himself, such as channeling ‘energies’ into the Earth’s surrounding energy fields.

If all this sounds ludicrous, you need to pay more attention to the world around you. THERE IS A BIG CHANGE TAKING PLACE. The so-called ‘New Age movement’ is going mainstream in the 21st century. ‘New Age’ goals (e.g. more love, peace, cooperation, meditation, mindfulness, and intuition) are slowly, but surely, manifesting in mainstream society. But, as they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some New Age promoters are (or were) the sort of people whom I don’t trust and who crop up in some conspiracy theories, e.g. the oil industry; billionaire philanthropists; high-ranking politicians and business executives; occult societies; the Freemasons; etc. The New Age movement is the Ruling Elite’s creation, I conclude, not a ‘grassroots’ people’s movement.

Icke’s otherworldly ‘guides’ (and his intuition) swamped him with information and ‘energies’ and experiences that he struggled to deal with, and which left him in a dazed, semi-hypnotic state (so he said), culminating in a public press conference when he announced some of his discoveries; made dramatic predictions; and described himself as “A Son of the Godhead”. Note that his conspiracy research hadn’t begun back then. It was mostly New Age ideas back then, but the press conference and consequent negative media headlines (questioning his sanity) led to a now infamous primetime BBC TV interview that placed Icke firmly in the public spotlight, in Britain at least.

Icke initially summarized his research in his book “The Truth Vibrations” (1991), published by a company (“HarperCollins”) owned by the famous media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH, whose media empire included the very newspapers that had been so critical of Icke’s New Age pronouncements. Murdoch would later be accused by Icke of being part of the global conspiracy, but Icke (at the time of writing, 2017) has strangely not yet publicly acknowledged Murdoch’s indirect involvement in his first New Age book, nor his second book – “Love Changes Everything” (1992) – also published by HarperCollins. HarperCollins has published much New Age literature.

Icke’s autobiography in 1993 was published by “Warner Books”, a subsidiary of another mainstream media empire, TIME WARNER, that Icke also criticized when his conspiracy research developed.

So, what was going on here? I conclude that the Ruling Elite manufactured the New Age movement, which is – as it goes more mainstream – simultaneously:
1) endorsing key aspects of the Great Work, e.g. the use of intuition and the subconscious mind;
2) criticizing any philosophical/religious/occult ideas that might expose the Great Work’s true nature and scope, e.g. the existence of other conscious minds in other realities. The Ruling Elite want us all to believe that our universe is all that there is, with no ‘afterlife’.

Icke has remained strangely quiet (till now) on his apparent contradiction concerning some of those otherworldly ‘minds’ who contacted him about his new mission in life. On the one hand, Icke has been critical of those non-physical Beings identified variously as MASTERS; ASCENDED MASTERS; THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD, etc. And yet, on the other hand, Icke still enthusiastically quotes messages delivered by some of those mighty ‘Masters’ who are supposedly overseeing Mankind’s evolution: RAKORSKI and MAGNU.

Rakorski (also spelled RAKORCZY or RAKOCZY or RAKOCZI) is especially significant, because ‘he’ (the male pronoun HE is used for convenience) has been a pillar of the New Age movement since the early 20th century when he (aka SAINT GERMAIN) was promoted by a very influential mystical/occult society: THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY (promotes THEOSOPHY), which claims that it wants to merge science with philosophy and religion in a quest to understand Mother Nature’s secret workings (described as the SECRET DOCTRINE) in order to better serve a ‘universal brotherhood of humanity’. As such, the Theosophical Society overlaps in its’ goals with those of the much older esoteric secret society of Freemasonry, so it’s no surprise to hear that Freemasons were early Theosophists, e.g. one of the founders of the Theosophical Society: HENRY STEEL OLCOTT, considered an expert in agriculture and scientific farming.

Another prominent Theosophist – ALICE BAILEY – was one of the first writers to employ the term NEW AGE, at least in relation to the dawning of a ‘spiritual’ New Age, although the term had been used elsewhere, e.g. in 1894 there was in Victorian Britain a Christian Socialist magazine called “The New Age”, which would support the newly-formed ‘left wing’ INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY (the progenitor of the modern LABOUR PARTY) and also supported the left-wing FABIAN SOCIETY (which has shaped the Labour Party since its beginning and continues to this day). “The New Age” magazine’s co-editor in 1907 was a Theosophist, ALFRED ORAGE, whose fellow co-editor, HOLBROOK JACKSON, was a Fabian. Their magazine was funded by the famous Fabian and playwright GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, who was a friend of a fellow Fabian and President of the Theosophical Society: ANNIE BESANT.

The Fabian co-founder FRANK PODMORE investigated paranormal phenomena as a prominent and early member of the influential SPR (Society For Psychical Research). Podmore was publicly skeptical about Theosophy and most ‘psychic’ phenomena, except the more down-to-earth types, such as telepathy (mind reading). Podmore’s skepticism – in my opinion – fits in with the Ruling Elite’s desire to keep the New Age movement firmly planted in this physical world, not in other inhabited realms/dimensions.

A famous Fabian – the Victorian Science Fiction novelist H.G. WELLS – publicly rejected his Christian beliefs and became an atheist. His novels embraced esoteric ideas such as time travel, invisibility, astral projection (out of body experiences), hidden realms, and ‘remote viewing’ (viewing distant locations using psychic faculties). Wells is a noteworthy individual for some conspiracy researchers (including myself) because he sat near the center of the web of the many interconnecting networks that enabled the British Empire to rule much of the world. The British Empire never really died, I conclude; it just transformed into the UN (United Nations) and its’ astonishing network of New Age organizations.

Wells wrote British government-led wartime propaganda during World War One, ending up in the MINISTRY OF INFORMATION as a Director of Enemy Propaganda.

Wells championed a science-based world authority to manage human affairs, as evidenced in some of his writings (fictional and non-fictional), e.g. his non-fiction books “The New World Order” (1940) and “The Open Conspiracy: Blueprints For A World Revolution” (1928). Those 2 books were published by 2 publishers who also published the works of an equally famous British novelist: GEORGE ORWELL, the author of arguably the most well-known dystopian novel of them all – “Nineteen Eighty-Four”- first published by SECKER & WARBURG, who published Wells’ “The New World Order”. Wells’ “The Open Conspiracy” was published by the Left-leaning “Gollancz”, who also published much of Orwell’s work.

Wells’ son GEORGE WELLS had a name curiously similar to GEORGE ORWELL (a pen name for ERIC BLAIR). GEORGE is the middle name of H.G. Wells. Also similar is the name of the legendary film producer/actor ORSON WELLES, born GEORGE ORSON WELLES, which incorporates GEORGE ORWELL and WELLS! Orson Welles produced and starred in an infamous radio broadcast of the H.G. Wells story “The War of The Worlds”.

Orson Welles and George Orwell both had fathers called RICHARD.

George Orwell and H.G. Wells link to another famous dystopian author and New Ager: ALDOUS HUXLEY, who briefly taught French to Orwell at the elite ETON COLLEGE. Huxley’s grandfather THOMAS HUXLEY (an intimate and champion of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution of life on Earth) taught biology to H.G. Wells. Aldous Huxley’s brother JULIAN teamed up with H.G Wells and Wells’ son GEORGE to co-author the biology book “The Science of Life”.

Julian Huxley embodied H.G. Wells’ desire for a science-based world government by becoming the inaugural Director of UNESCO, the branch of the UN (United Nations) dedicated to science and education and culture. The UN, I conclude, has become the political arm of the New Age movement, so no shock to hear that Theosophists generally support the UN or any kind of globally-oriented political infrastructure.

The Theosophist Alice Bailey left the Theosophical Society and set up her own organizations that promote the UN, e.g. WORLD GOODWILL, which still exists (at the time of writing, 2017) and has consultative status at the UN, and has been an accredited NGO with the UN’s Department of Public Information. Another Bailey creation still going – THE LUCIS TRUST – has been on the roster of the UN’s Economic and Social Council.

The UN HQ in New York (USA) has a ‘Meditation Room’. Meditation is a pillar of the New Age movement and of Theosophy. The UN’s meditation room has a stone altar made of MAGNETITE, which – say the UN – taps “… into the energies of the Earth” and “…helps facilitate a state of altered consciousness”. The stone altar, we are told, symbolizes “the god of all”.

Meditation and intuition are strongly promoted in the psychically channeled writings of Alice Bailey, e.g. her book “A Treatise on White Magic” (1934). Intuition, according to Bailey’s channeled source, is the key to hooking us up to the ‘UNIVERSAL MIND’ (or some God-like entity) in order to fulfill the ‘DIVINE PLAN’ or ‘WILL OF GOD’. This union of man with a ‘divine’ mind/consciousness is described as the ‘GREAT WORK’ by Bailey’s channeled source.

Intuition and meditation are stimulated by the ancient practice of YOGA, so naturally Yoga is promoted by Bailey, the UN and many modern New Agers. The UN even decided to celebrate Yoga by declaring in 2014 that every June 21st (usually the Summer Solstice) would henceforth be the “International Day of Yoga”. Is the Summer Solstice a special day for the Earth’s natural energy fields? Yoga’s spiritual goal is the union of man with universal consciousness (or some God-like entity).

Yoga originated in ancient India, say historians, so appropriately it was the Indian Prime Minister NARENDRA MODI (a UNESCO supporter) who campaigned for Yoga’s recognition by the UN. Yoga was recommended by US President and ‘left wing savior’ BARACK OBAMA and by the British NHS (National Health Service). Also, the US Secretary of State under Obama – HILLARY CLINTON, who said in 2017 on the BBC chat show “The Graham Norton Show” that she did yoga. (October 2017).

Ancient Indian religions underpin Theosophy and the New Age movement, e.g. BUDDHISM, a religion that revolves around the spiritual teacher known as THE BUDDHA, who is famously portrayed meditating whilst sitting in the LOTUS position (that is used in yoga), in his quest to liberate himself from his pain, suffering and KARMA (the consequences of one’s actions, a.k.a. cause and effect). I conclude that the Buddha’s desire for liberation is symbolic of the Great Work – a desire to break free from the universal law of ’cause and effect’ (every action has a consequence). If you can separate causes from their effects, then you can become a ‘God’ of your own artificial ‘reality’. You escape the consequences of your actions by moving to an alternate reality, in theory at least.

Echoing the Buddha in the Lotus position is SHIVA, a God/deity in the ancient Indian religion known as HINDUISM. Shiva and Buddha each have a ‘third eye’ in the centre of the forehead. This 3rd eye is a pivotal occult/religious symbol, I believe, because this eye symbolises the Great Work’s method of creation, which is to ‘LOOK INWARDS’, not outwards. The Rebel can only hope to avoid cause-and-effect by ‘going within’ the depths of its’ own mind; by retreating into a personal dream world independent from the normal laws of creation.

The 3rd eye – as a single eye by itself – is symbolism that exists in other religions, mythology and occult secret societies, e.g. THE EYE OF HORUS in ancient Egyptian mythology.  Horus loses his left eye in a fight. Losing an eye is symbolic of the loss of Karma, I conclude.


horus - SUMMARY

eye of horus

Freemasonry was influenced by Egyptian mythology, so this probably explains why the ‘God’ of Freemasonry is represented as an eye: the ‘Eye of Providence’ or ‘All-Seeing eye’, which sees all, as does karma, in the sense that everything and everyone is subject to karmic consequences. The infamous freemasonic wink denotes one eye.

A well-known one-eye symbol is the glowing eye that is framed by a triangle (an old religious and Freemasonic symbol) that sits on top of, and completes, an unfinished pyramid (or truncated pyramid), as seen on the American one dollar bill.

one dollar - SUMMARY

one dollar bill


eye and pyramid - SUMMARY

all-seeing eye upon pyramid

A similar image is in a logo used by the American governmental agency that helped create the Internet: DARPA. To be precise, DARPA (a military research agency) created in 2002 the short-lived IAO (INFORMATION AWARENESS OFFICE) that monitored threats to American security and whose logo consisted of our planet Earth being watched over by an all-seeing eye.


IAO logo


Another eye perched upon a truncated triangular structure is seen in the logo of the British government’s Security Service, MI5, from the 1950s to the 1970s.


MI5 logo - SUMMARY

MI5 logo

The eye here resembles the planet Saturn with its rings. Saturn is associated with death, time, the Grim Reaper, Karma and Satan.

the economist one eye 228x300 - SUMMARY

Cover of “The Economist” magazine (24th November 2017)

In addition to the eyeless socket, note also the pyramid and all-seeing eye (of the one dollar bill) where the nose would be.

Another eye appeared in the logo of TIME WARNER CABLE, owned by the company that published Icke’s autobiography.

time warner cable - SUMMARYThe logo combines an eye and ear, according to Time Warner. They incorporated another eye in their logo for “Time Warner Interactive”.

time warner interacive logo - SUMMARY

This logo when seen on TV/video was a short animated sequence (in 1994-96) involving the sun (that is the ‘pupil’ of the eye) being briefly framed by a triangle, where the triangle is revealed to be the apex of the letter “A” in the word “interactive”. Here is that sequence:

A truncated pyramid is the shape of the UN’s meditation room in New York. Topping this ‘pyramid’ is a mural showing abstract patterns that represent some sort of cosmic unity. There are triangles, a pentagon, a caduceus-like structure (the snake coiled around a staff), and what some speculate is an eye (the small circle inside the larger circular lines). See image.

UN mural 300x225 - SUMMARY

Pyramid shape buildings are in Orwell’s “1984”. ‘Big Brother’ is headquartered in buildings that are “…enormous pyramidical structures of glittering white concrete…” The official MI6 HQ building in London was based on the pyramid-like ZIGGURAT, which is a type of old religious temple seen in the Middle East and Central America.


MI6 HQ in London

mayan ziggurat - SUMMARY

Mayan ziggurat

The DARPA agency IAO officially ended in 2003, though some suspect that it continued under different names – an accusation made by the famous whistleblower EDWARD SNOWDEN, the military intelligence operative who leaked classified information about American and other national governments’ surveillance of the general public all over the world. Is it coincidence that the initials “IAO” are also religious/occult initials, given prominence by the notorious occultist/magician ALEISTER CROWLEY? IAO was an old Greek name for God (or some deity) and was used by the Gnostics as a name for one of the 7 ARCHONS (servants of the demented Creator God).

The eye of Shiva, according to Alice Bailey’s psychic source, is key to all ‘White Magic’ and the fulfillment of the ‘Divine Plan’, though Bailey gives the eye of Shiva a down-to-earth interpretation by saying that each person has their own 3rd eye.

In a similar vein, David Icke claimed that he saw (psychically) an eye when his psychic abilities started to develop. He wrote in “The Truth Vibrations”: “Soon after this the ‘eye’ appeared… Within a week I was seeing eyes wherever I looked! BETTY SHINE [the 1st medium to alert David of his new mission in life] said it was a sign that psychic powers were developing.” (Page 21). Icke continues: “…the third eye or all-seeing eye…[is] a sort of spiritual telescope through which we see our psychic visions… When people talk about opening your third eye, they mean activating your psychic powers which we all have…” (Page 161).

Betty Shine told David that he would be working (psychically) with the late British spiritual writer PAUL BRUNTON, who had died earlier in 1981. Brunton’s book “The Secret Path” contained a foreword by Alice Bailey. Brunton popularized Indian spiritualism in the West and was a partner of the renowned occult/New Age book shop in London: “The Atlantis Bookshop”. The other partner was its’ founder – a Theosophist/magician/occultist called MICHAEL JUSTE (aka MICHAEL HOUGHTON) who knew many of the leading occultists of the day, e.g. Aleister Crowley. Crowley lived a few doors from “The Atlantis Bookshop”.

The Atlantis Bookshop is in the London district of Bloomsbury, as was the Ministry of Information where George Orwell’s wife worked during World War Two, and which some writers speculate was the inspiration for Big Brother’s pyramid shaped buildings. That MOI building (later SENATE HOUSE, the HQ of University College, London) resembles a ziggurat or stepped pyramid when seen from some angles. Orwell also worked for the MOI during the war, but not Senate House apparently.

senate house - SUMMARY

Senate House

Aleister Crowley’s writings and life have been misunderstood and even deliberately distorted by many commentators, not least Crowley’s most famous commandment: “Do What Thou Wilt”, which is not – as some claim – a satanic call to selfishly do what the hell you want, but rather relates to his version of ‘The Great Work’, which involves each person finding his/her “TRUE WILL”, a divine Will similar to the ‘Will of God’. The Great Work, according to Crowley, is the unification of opposites, especially the union of “the soul with God”. The Great Work, he wrote, is “the Work of becoming a Spiritual Being, free from the constraints, accidents, and deceptions of material existence.” (see his “Magick”, book 4).

Crowley’s Great Work is reminiscent of the Shakespeare character HAMLET when giving his “To be or not to be” speech, usually interpreted to be about suicide:

“To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep
No more; and by a sleep, to say we end
the heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks
that Flesh is heir to? ‘Tis a consummation
devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep,
To sleep, perchance to Dream; aye, there’s the rub,
for in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,
when we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
must give us pause. There’s the respect
that makes Calamity of so long life:
For who would bear the Whips and Scorns of time…”

Was Shakespeare alluding to an escape from time and karma and the forces of nature? Suicide is what Jesus does, in effect, by sacrificing his life in order to protect mankind from its ‘sins’ (karmic debts?). Note the opposition to a “Sea of Troubles”. This could, I believe, echo the religious theme of the escape from water, e.g. Moses parting the Red Sea in two so that he and his followers can walk on dry land to God’s Promised land; Jesus walking on water and turning water into wine; Noah’s ark floating on the waters of God’s flood; Buddha protected from rain by a snake; the Biblical Spirit of God moving upon the face of the primal waters; Atum’s island mound/hill rising above the primal waters (ancient Egyptian creation myth).

Shakespeare draws upon the island metaphor in other plays, e.g. “Richard II” – when talking of England, JOHN OF GAUNT says: “This precious stone set in the silver sea…this sceptred isle…this seat of Mars, this other Eden, demi-paradise; this fortress built by nature for herself against infection and the hand of war…” (“Richard II”).

In Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, an island is the home of a wrongfully exiled member of Royalty who later learns magic and who magically and vengefully conjures up a storm that forces a ship to crash into the island, thereby stranding the seafarers.

The true author of the Shakespeare plays has long been debated. Shakespeare’s name itself sounds like a sexual play on words, possibly hinted at by the 20th century novelist ROALD DAHL (a Shakespeare fan) with his character WILLY WONKA. “Willy” is an abbreviation of WILLIAM and is slang for a penis.


Shakespeare was probably a front for a cabal of writers, I reckon, including the Royal courtier and proto-scientist FRANCIS BACON whose utopian story “New Atlantis” is set on an island run by a scientific elite whose scientific method helped inspire the real life formation of the world’s 1st modern scientific institution (publicly at least): THE ROYAL SOCIETY, in 1660 in London. The Royal Society was nicknamed THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE by its’ founders, some of whom belonged to occult secret societies such as the Freemasons and ROSICRUCIANS, of whom the latter also wrote of an “invisible college”. Bacon himself is reckoned to have been a Rosicrucian and an early Freemason, at least according to modern day Rosicrucians such as the American Rosicrucian society AMORC, whose annual international conference in 1996 was held in England at the University of Surrey, of which the University’s Chancellor then was the Freemasonic head (Grand Master) and Queen’s cousin, THE DUKE OF KENT.

Bacon’s brother ANTHONY BACON was a past incarnation of David Icke, according to one of the psychics/mediums that Icke first met in his quest for the truth about his experiences – the New Age author JUDY HALL, whose mentors included CHRISTINE HARTLEY. Hartley was the colleague and literary agent of the famed occultist/magician DION FORTUNE, a Theosophist. Icke’s spirit guide RAKORSKI lived on Earth as Francis Bacon, according to some Theosophists and Rosicrucians, e.g. Alice Bailey.

So how is my version of the Great Work taking place? How is this rebellious mind (whom I shall call THE REBEL for convenience) striving to dodge its’ unavoidable karmic debts/consequences? Basically, our temporary prison (our universe; more specifically our human bodies) is acting like a gigantic time machine that allows the Rebel to stretch time itself so that the Rebel’s karma (especially its’ karmic debts) is kept at bay in the future. It’s like dodging a punch by slowing time to a near standstill. It’s impossible (I believe) to actually slow down – or even stop – time, but it is possible to create the illusion of doing so.

The Rebel is akin to a spinning whirlpool in a stream of water: an island in the stream, so to speak. The whirlpool is not separate from the water, but creates the illusion of being separate by continuously changing the direction of the flow of water. The Rebel is like a WHIRLING DERVISH, one of those famous Islamic mystics whose spinning dance symbolises – I conclude – the constant facing inwards towards the ‘centre’ (the pivot/axis) that is God or Allah or the holy black KAABA stone. Other traditional circular dances include dancing around the MAYPOLE, which symbolises the motion around the axis/centre of the world/universe. By facing inwards, you block out the outside world. See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil.

The Kaaba stone is – in Islamic belief – the black stone that falls from Heaven as a guide for the first humans (Adam and Eve) as to where to build an altar in the first temple. This black stone is one of numerous heavenly stones in religion/mythology/the occult; and is one of numerous sacred objects (and characters) that (or who) descend from some divine abode down to our less heavenly world. To me, this descent symbolises the rejection of karmic debts (‘sins’) that are then ‘exiled’ in another realm.

But there is a snag, because that karma can’t exist by itself, alone. It still needs to be attached to the bearer of the karma. Causes and their effects can’t be separated completely, so a ‘sacrificial lamb’ (or goat) is required to take on board the karma (aka ‘sinful flesh’). Physical human flesh-and-blood bodies (and other life forms) are the physical manifestation of the Rebel’s karma (in truth, our collective karma). We collectively have sacrificed ourselves on a physical altar, so to speak, so that the Rebel can live a painless, karma-free existence. Crazy, huh?

No doubt some of you are wondering: where does evolution fit into the Great Work? Why did the Rebel employ a rather odd method of creation that has taken millions of years? Why didn’t the Rebel just create an alternate reality in the blink of an eye with the power of the mind? It’s because the normal method of Creation generates karma, which the Rebel is trying to avoid. The Rebel is trying to exist without leaving any karmic ‘footprints/fingerprints’, so to speak. I am reminded of the fictional Buddhist monk, KWAI, in the TV series KUNG FU, who strives to walk on delicate rice paper without leaving any holes. Dracula has no reflection in a mirror.

Evolution is required because the Rebel has effectively blown itself apart into many pieces, so needs an external force to rebuild itself, resulting in a new body that is composed of its’ karma. The Rebel wants to wear its’ karma on the ‘outside’ of itself, not the ‘inside’ where it normally belongs. The Rebel is wearing its’ heart on its’ sleeve, so to speak. Pandora’s box has been opened; the Genie has been released from the bottle. The unmanifest is manifest. The unspeakable ‘name of god’ is spoken. God is made flesh. Jesus incarnates in a physical body.

The BIG BANG (the beginning of our universe) blew up the Rebel’s karma into holographic fragments (physical energy that is ‘fractal/holographic’), but a magnetic force (a mental force caused by the Rebel’s initial desire to perform the Great Work) is pulling all the fragments back together again to create its’ new body. This, I conclude, is represented in ancient creation myths, e.g. the rebuilding of the dismembered Egyptian God OSIRIS (father of HORUS). I am reminded of the shapeshifting, time-travelling, artificial Intelligence in the sci-fi movie “Terminator 2”. See my article on this film in the sci-fi film section. I am also reminded of the rebuilding of the fictional STEVE AUSTIN, the ‘bionic man’ in “The Six Million Dollar Man”, who requires artificial bodily replacements and develops superhuman abilities. His left eye is replaced with a ‘bionic’ implant. The left eye of Horus?

Another rebuilding is the rebuilding of human society by the Fabian Society, or to be more precise, “Remould it nearer to the Heart’s Desire.” Is THE HEART’S DESIRE alluding to intuition? Those words are printed in a stained glass window designed by the Fabian George Bernard Shaw for their Fabian HQ, though the window is now at the LSE (London School Of Economics), which Shaw co-founded with other Fabians. See the top of the Fabian Window.

FabianWindow Large 300x283 - SUMMARY

Fabian window and motto at the top

In the window, Fabians strike our planet Earth with hammers. Between them is the original Fabian crest: a wolf in sheep’s clothing; an appropriate description of the Ruling Elite’s New Age movement, in my opinion. Coincidentally or not, the words WOLF and WOOL (‘sheep’s clothing’) are both in the name WOOLF, the surname of the Fabian LEONARD WOOLF who influenced the formation of the UN’s predecessor the LON (League of Nations) with his Fabian report “International Government” (1916). His extensive social network included ALDOUS HUXLEY – the duo both members of the left wing “1917 Club”, as was H.G. WELLS.

See my article on a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in the symbolism section.

More rebuilding is described in the mysterious and ancient science of alchemy, which involves dissolving a substance into its’ basic components so that they can be rebuilt to create a new ‘purer’ substance. This is described in alchemical texts with the 2 Latin words: 1) SOLVE (meaning DISSOLVE; LOOSEN; SEPARATE; BREAK UP) and 2) COAGULA (meaning SOLIDIFY; CURDLE; THICKEN; COAGULATE); i.e. break up then rebuild. Those 2 words are associated with the mythical OUROBOROS snake/serpent that swallows its own tail, and which is seen in the logo for the Theosophical Society.

theosophical society logo - SUMMARY

Theosophical Society logo

ouroboros - SUMMARY

Alchemical serpent

See my article on the theme of rebuilding in the Symbolism section.

The 2 words SOLVE and COAGULA are tattooed on the arms of the Devilish looking goat creature named BAPHOMET, designed by the very influential 19th century occultist/magician ELIPHAS LEVI.

baphomet - SUMMARY


Levi’s Baphomet has perched between its’ legs a phallic looking CADUCEUS, the symbol of the Greek God HERMES, which is a pole/staff/stick/wand entwined by 2 serpents, reminiscent of the Maypole dance when ribbons are wrapped around each other and the pole.

Eliphas Levi is credited with helping to create the modern New Age movement by introducing occult ideas and magic (or magick) into the mainstream, influencing the likes of Aleister Crowley. Levi, born in France, studied to be a priest at a Roman Catholic Seminary. The Catholic Church, once the major power in Europe, possesses knowledge of the Great Work, I believe, especially the mystical Catholic sect known as the JESUITS whose beliefs are in keeping with the New Age movement’s desire to ‘go within’ in order to find ‘God’/’True Self’/universal mind. The Pope in 2018 is a Jesuit: POPE FRANCIS.

Levi left the Catholic church, becoming a ‘left wing’ socialist and Christian Socialist. Note that it was Christian Socialists in Britain (mentioned earlier) who started “The New Age” magazine that influenced the modern Labour Party in Britain. Levi wrote of a secret doctrine that underpinned most religions; most occult secret societies; most magic; most mythology.

One of the ‘fathers’ of British Christian Socialism was FREDERICK DENISON MAURICE who at Cambridge University co-founded the APOSTLES debating society, of whom members would include LEONARD WOOLF and a SPR co-founder – HENRY SIDGWICK, the SPR’s inaugural President.

A French Jesuit scientist who left a deep mark on the New Age movement was PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, whose writings met with the approval of the 3 most recent Popes (in 2018): Pope Francis and his predecessors – Pope John Paul II and Pope BENEDICT XVI. Chardin’s theory, which gained UN acceptance and New Age acceptance, is that the Human Race is at the heart of an evolutionary process that will culminate in the OMEGA POINT when a supreme, universal, God-consciousness (or ‘Christ Consciousness’) will be achieved; a reunion with the God/Christ that we split from. The ‘Second Coming of Christ’, so to speak.

Chardin’s ideas unify science and religion: A Ruling Elite goal, though it was the Ruling Elite who split them apart in the first place.

Chardin’s UN supporters included the man given much credit for instilling a religious/spiritual dimension into the UN: ROBERT MULLER, a Catholic who embraced other religions/philosophies such as Buddhism, meditation and the writings of Alice Bailey. Muller wanted a UN-based world government and a new world religion/ethic.

Returning to the Great Work, the Rebel’s full consciousness and intelligence was mostly missing at the start of the ‘Big Bang’, but has slowly but surely seeped back into our world as the holographic lifeforms evolved into more complex bodies that could accommodate those more advanced minds. The ‘lifeforce’ in primitive lifeforms was supplied by a ‘sleeping’ Rebel who has been slowly ‘waking up’ to what will eventually be its’ full waking consciousness. We humans are now sufficiently advanced to begin taking control of the evolutionary process, albeit with help from our intuition and ‘spirit guides’. Eventually a lifeform will develop that possesses ‘god consciousness’, i.e. the Rebel will have recreated itself, but without its’ karma. Theoretically.

Human intuition is itself a stepping stone in the evolutionary process: Animal instincts evolved into human intuition which will evolve into a more advanced cosmic consciousness.

Evolution appears to be a blind, random, process, but is actually conforming to an underlying cosmic blueprint or growth process, similar to the acorn that eventually grows into an oak tree. Just because you can’t see the oak tree straight away, that doesn’t mean that the oak tree can’t exist. The oak tree exists as unmanifested potential, waiting to be manifested. Another appropriate analogy here is the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The Rebel wants to be a butterfly that flies to freedom.

What is this cosmic blueprint? It’s been known about by the Religions/occult societies/etc. for millennia and is only now in the 21st century going mainstream. It’s described by a mathematical concept called the GOLDEN MEAN or GOLDEN RATIO or PHI RATIO, which is approximately 1.618. I say more about it in my article “The Golden Ratio and the Great Work”(in the science section), but suffice to say it describes a way of creating INTERNALLY rather than externally. The Rebel has to use itself as the building block, so has to recycle itself to create its’ alternate reality. Associated with the golden ratio is the HOLOGRAPHIC principle, wherein an object is composed of component parts that each mirror the larger whole. See my article “Clones and Holograms” (science section). The Rebel’s karma is recycled – a notion that matches the fundamental scientific law that says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

One aspect of evolution that we humans will need to overcome is the dark side of evolution that has birthed cold-blooded carnivores, parasites and psychopaths. Evolution has generated all sorts of survival strategies that included parasites feeding off other lifeforms, or at least stealing the fruits of their endeavours. The Rebel is – in effect – a parasitic vampire feeding off itself (feeding off its’ own karma) in order to survive in its’ artificial reality. The Rebel is the mythical ouroboros snake that swallows its’ own tail, hence resembling a circle – the wheel of karma?

More to come when I find time…

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